Stephjoy High School is a Christian Girls Boarding School with 8-4-4 system and Advanced level system – from 5 and 6. The school was born in 2000 under the guidance of God’s Spirit whose main purpose and assignment is to shape the destinies of young people by contending against the devil who is responsible for corrupting, destabilizing, destroying their lives.

Here at Stepjoy High School, we educate and impart right information into the minds and hearts of young people about the devils influence and ways and how to avoid his attacks against their destiny hence preventing the evil one from having a foothold upon any portion their lives.

We cooperate with and work hand in hand with the parents in the quest to present responsible God- fearing young people to our society. We encourage the parents to continue the education process even during holidays and never to allow students to have unnecessary excuses for being out of School. We meet with the parents on a periodical basis and compare notes that enable us to further the destinies and prepare bright futures for our students.


Our mission is to train students on how to discover themselves to acquire full and effective willingness to learn effectively by understanding that all they need for success is inside them.

To make them understand that success is timed and targeted.  They cannot do one thing for a long time or keep on procrastinating assignments, stay idle or engage in activities that do not take them to their goal and expect to succeed.

To acquire full and effective commitment to learn effectively.

To make them understand that we are living in a world of two kingdoms.  The kingdom of God whose plan for us is for good and not for evil and for our Prosperity Jer. 29:11.  God’s plan for all of us was to become wealthy Gen. 1:27 but it all depends on the choices we make.  Deut. 30:19.  (I prove this in my teachings.) And the kingdom of the evil one whose plan for us is to steal from us, kill our destinies  destroy our everything good John 10:10.  What the devil steals from us is the mind and he diverts our attention from our focus (career-destiny).  Focus enables a student to make the right choices in life.

To choose the right subjects for the right career to achieve the desired, set and targeted goals to become holistically learned.

To create awareness to all, that the most urgent and sensitive responsibility of parents, Teachers, Government, Countries and their citizens is to educate to prevent the occurrence of unemployment and poverty.

To weaken and finally break the established cycle of unemployment and poverty in our country, and to tackle unemployment and poverty menace from the source and to gain control of poverty explosion.